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Formed in 2019, VBO is a professional large brass ensemble collective in Vancouver, comprised of Vancouver’s top brass-playing professionals. We exist to foster community among local musicians, and our desire is to raise the profile of Vancouver’s brass world, bringing attention to the high quality performers we have in our region. We aim to engage our audience community with entertaining and provoking programs, in live performance and through the use of web media. As many of us are also active educators, VBO is also committed to engaging the not-yet-professional musician, and we regularly have high-performing students involved in our programs, providing a training ground that will complement their experience during their coursework.


Pictured above, our co-founders and directors, left to right:


Larry Knopp, Vince Vohradsky, Valerie Whitney, Rob Taylor, Jeremy Berkman, and Andrew Poirier

...Shaping our world through sound...
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